Your Visit

We welcome first-time patients, physician referrals, or individuals seeking second or expert opinions.

We have developed this multidisciplinary clinic in order to:

  • Provide specialized medical care to your child in one location, so you can interact with several car providers in one office.
  • Provide psychosocial support to you and your child.
  • Provide the opportunity to have information about your child’s condition, treatment, and outcomes added to the research registries to establish best practices for patients who have DSD’s.

What to bring to your appointment:

If possible, please bring with you any outside medical records relating to your DSD care. This may include X-rays, laboratory and other test results. If this is not possible, you may provide these documents at a later date.

What to expect during your visit:

On the day of your visit, you will meet with doctors from the following specialties, as appropriate: Pediatric Endocrinology, Pediatric Genetics, Pediatric Gynecology, and Pediatric Urology. Psychosocial support will be provided by a counselor, psychiatrist and/or psychologist.

Clinical and psychosocial assessment

  • You will see a physician and/or members of his or her staff from the DSD team, who work closely together.
  • The team will take your medical history and perform a physical examination.

A review of your diagnosis and a plan for future management

  • The DSD team provides clinical management with an appropriate understanding of treatment plans and informed consent.
  • The DSD team may recommend imaging, blood and other tests, examinations or evaluations.
  • You will be provided with collaborative, ethically sound treatment plans with long-term follow up care.
  • The team will communicate directly with patients and families, resulting in shared treatment decisions.
  • The DSD team will also provide patients and families access to psychosocial support.


Patients and families are encouraged to visit our Resources page.

Directions and parking

St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Suite 2A (Urology)
One Children’s Place
St. Louis, MO 63110
Phone: 1-800-678-KIDS (5437); request transfer to Endocrinology
Fax: 314-454-6225


Mailing Address:
Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes
St. Louis Children’s Hospital
4990 Children’s Place, Campus Box 8242
St. Louis, MO 63110

If you have any other questions, please feel to contact us.