View a list of conferences our DSD team is involved with below:

May 6-10, 2016: American Urological Association MeetingSan Diego, California

Oral presentation: Gene targeted retrospective chromosome microarray analysis in disorders of sex development: finding small copy number variations beneath the surface.

Authors: Joel F. Koenig MD, Jennifer Heeley MD, Abby Hollander MD, Isabelle Nievera, Paul Austin MD, and Ina Amarillo PhD.

April 3-7, 2016: 13th International Congress of Human Genetics, Kyoto, Japan

Oral presentation: Finding Small Copy Number Variations (CNVs) and Regions of Homozygosity (ROH) Beneath the Surface: A Retrospective Chromosome Microarray Analysis (CMA) and Genomic-Epigenomic Integration in Disorders of Sex Development (DSD).

Authors: Ina Amarillo PhD; Isabelle Nievera; Vishwanathan Hucthagowder PhD; Jennifer Heeley MD; WUSTL DSD Team.


March 8-12, 2016: Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting (ACGM), Tampa, Florida

Oral presentation: Finding Small CNVs and ROH Beneath the Surface: Retrospective CMA and Genome-Epigenome Integration in Disorders of Sex Development. 

Authors: Ina Amarillo; Vishwanathan Hucthagowder; Isabelle Nievera; Andrew Hagan; Joel Koenig; Jennifer Heeley MD; WUSTL DSD Team.