DSD Team

Our interdisciplinary DSD team believes that the best health care for patients with DSD is individualized, patient-centered, compassionate, ethically sound and performed according to highest standards.

Any form of treatment or clinical management requires consensus from the DSD team. We discuss all treatment plans and options with the parents and/or guardians. We encourage a shared decision-making process and are here to help guide you and your family’s care.

Our team members work with the following departments:

DSD team members

Pediatric and Reproductive Endocrinology

Some DSD cases occur due to hormone problems. The pediatric endocrinologist is a hormone specialist who can determine what hormone tests are needed for a patient. The pediatric endocrinologist can also prescribe hormone treatments. See a list of endocrinology tests.


Abby Hollander, MD, Headshot

Abby Hollander, MD

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Christopher Lewis, MD, Headhsot

Christopher Lewis, MD

Clinical Team Leader

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Casey Lofquest, MSN, RN, CPNP

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The role of Urology is to provide surgical support for DSD cases that may need an operation to address the appearance and function of the genital and/or urinary structures. The urologist works closely with the DSD team and families to tailor the timing and need for surgery. See a list of urology tests.

Douglas Coplen, MD, Headshot

Douglas Coplen, MD

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Gino Vricella, MD, Headshot

Gino Vricella, MD

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Pediatric gynecologists have knowledge of the anatomy of the reproductive system of infants, children and adolescents as well as the hormonal changes that occur at puberty. Within the DSD team we work with the other providers to confirm the medical condition and diagnosis for our patients and families. See a list of gynecology tests.

Holly Hoefgen, MD

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Clinical Genetics and Genomics

The clinical geneticist assesses information about the individual and the family to help determine the cause of the DSD. We discuss whether the DSD was inherited and whether the family is at risk of having another child with a similar DSD. We can also provide information about other medical conditions that may be associated with each type of DSD. The clinical genomicist performs tests to evaluate chromosomes, genes and DNA (the genome). See a list of clinical genetics and genomics tests.

Ina Amarillo, PhD, Headshot

Ina Amarillo, PhD (Genomics)

DSD-TRN Washington University site Co-Principal Investigator

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Jorge Granadillo, MD, MSc (Genomics)

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Dorothy K Grange, MD, Headshot

Dorothy Katherine Grange, MD (Genetics)

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Adolescent Medicine

The adolescent medicine specialist provides care for physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs of adolescent patients with DSD.

Sarah Garwood, MD, Headshot

Sarah Garwood, MD

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Reproductive Endocrinology

The reproductive endocrinologist specializes in diagnosing and managing hormonal conditions that affect reproduction and development in patients with DSD.

Kenan Omurtag, MD, Headshot

Kenan Omurtag, MD

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Psychiatry and Psychology

DSD can be a stressful and complex diagnosis for children and families. A pediatric psychologist is available to meet with you and your child at diagnosis and as needed. The pediatric psychologist works with families to identify psychosocial concerns, such as depression or anxiety, and to provide support about gender identity, body image, and decision making regarding their DSD as needed. Evaluation by a child and adolescent psychiatrist is available if required or desired by the patient, family, or any member of the DSD team. The child psychiatrist can help with diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric issues that may be related to the diagnosis. See a list of psychiatry and psychology tests.

Andrea Giedinghagen, PhD, Headshot

Andrea Giedinghagen, PhD (Psychology)

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